Audison Prima APBX 10 S4S


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The APBX 10 S4S sealed enclosure is the ideal choice to be driven by the new AP F8.9 bit using two channels bridged. Designed to house the single 4Ω voice coil APS 10 S4S subwoofer, it offers an ultra-performing Plug & Play solution boasting all the features that make the Prima boxes unique such as the SSP (Sub Smart Plug) terminal block for a quick connection leaving no room for errors.


Passive subwooferSealed box
Size250 mm (10”)
Power Handling400 W Continuous Power
800 W Peak Power
Impedance4 Ω
Sub box size mm (in.)472 (18.58) x 334 (13.15) x 120 (4.72)
MagnetHigh density flux ferrite
ConeCotton-Fibre pressed paper
Weight of one component kg (lb)8,63 (19.03)



Prima Subwoofer Manual

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